5 Holiday Travel Tips You Must Use This Season

5 Holiday Travel Tips You Must Use This Season

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Family Travel, Holidays, Travel

5 Holiday Travel Tips You Must Use This Season
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This is the most wonderful time of the year. And one of the busiest in terms of family travel. And because of this, travelers have to take extra special care when flying, driving, or riding during the holidays. I’ve got a list of 5 Holiday Travel Tips You Must Use This Season. And believe me, they are going to come in handy:

Holiday Travel Tip #5 | Ship Gifts and Items Beforehand

Traveling with packages isn’t only expensive, but can be problematic, especially if your items don’t make it to your destination when you do. As a travel tip during the holidays, ship your gifts beforehand. It will save on time and money, and the likelihood that they will be there on time is increased. Services like UPS Ground are pretty reasonable, and will even pack and box up your things for you, taking out the stress of it all.

Holiday Travel Tip #4 | Wear Layers

When traveling during the holidays, you may experience different climates. Add to that getting through security, and it can be a hassle. Wearing layers and packing your coat can help speed up the travel process while making you comfortable. Wearing tights under jeans with a pair of boots is sensible for most fall and winter climates. Nix the coat and wear a sweater or top under a shrug or cardigan along with a scarf—all easy to remove (or keep on) while going through security.

Holiday Travel Tip #3 | Pack Light

Opt for clothing that can be rolled in your luggage, giving you more room to bring back items you may get while you are traveling. Body cons, tank tops, leggings, button downs, and tights can easily be rolled in suitcases, giving you maximum room.

Holiday Travel Tip #2 | Keep Kids Busy

There may be flight delays or lots of traffic while traveling. Make sure to bring a tablet or two for the kids and make sure it is charged before departing. Packing an extra extended battery also helps. If your tablet isn’t WIFI enabled, download movies and shows that your kid(s) enjoy before your trip so they can watch them anywhere without having a connection.

Holiday Travel Tip #1 | Stay Informed

Make sure that you have the app for your airline carrier installed on your device(s) to be able to keep up with flight delays and changes. You can also download traffic apps that can let you know about jams and alternate routes you can take to get to your destination.

I hope you all have a great holiday travel season!

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