AWIP Giveaway: Southwest $50 Giftcard

AWIP Giveaway: Southwest $50 Giftcard

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in Flight Travel

AWIP Giveaway: Southwest $50 Giftcard
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Anyone who knows me knows, I only fly Southwest! Ever since I got stiffed by another airline, I’ve been a dedicated Southwest Customer. When flying with Southwest everything is straight to the point, which is what I need when traveling. Traveling alone can be very stressful so why not fly with an airline that makes everything easy. On Southwest you don’t pay for your bags. That’s right, you are allowed 2 pieces of checked luggage for free. I’m notorious for overpacking so not having to pay for my bags is a plus for me. When you think about it those baggage fees can easily add $25-$100 to your ticket price. So if every penny counts then you might want to consider flying Southwest.

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 I’ve also found that Southwest usually has cheaper rates than most airlines. Again, if you are like me every penny counts, so I recommend checking out their rates before you book your next flight. On every Southwest Flight each guest receives free pop, coffee, juice and snacks and you don’t have to pay a million dollars for it. The flight attendants are always friendly and occasionally keep me entertained with their funny jokes during my flight. These are a few of the reasons why Southwest is my airline of choice. I also love the Southwest App, I use it to check in to my flight, check the status of my flight and so much more.  I can’t tell you how this app saved my life during this horrible Chicago weather. You can even sign up to receive text and e-mail messages regarding the status of your account. Again everything is about convenience and anything that makes my life easier is alright with me.

To thank you guys for your continuous support Around the World in Pink is giving away a $50 Southwest gift card, perfect to use if you are planning to travel this upcoming spring or summer.

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Thanks so much guys for supporting Around the World in Pink!


  1. Yes! I only fly SW as well. They are super convenient and if you check in early you can get a good seat, or you can become A-List preferred if you fly alot, or you can swipe your way to A-List if you get the credit card. I just like them…and they are affordable and offer alot more than other airlines. The checked bags are the best…plus your two carry on items! Yes! I’m flying Delta for an international flight…and I’m already out $50 for luggage fees. #Rude. I can’t wait until SW starts doing international.

    • Thanks for commenting, Taylor. Southwest is starting “international” flights this summer to the Aruba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. I am sure they will be adding more to it during the next few years. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. I loveeee Southwest Airlines mainly because of the low fares and free baggage. I’ve learned how check in on time in order to get a good boarding position. I will be flying with them again this summer. @tanijoy on IG

  3. Thanks for the opportunity! Love Southwest.

    Following you on Instagram as notyoutoo!

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