Family Time at Eckert’s Farm in Belleville

Family Time at Eckert’s Farm in Belleville

Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Family Travel, Food, Travel

Family Time at Eckert’s Farm in Belleville
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I come from a small family, and we don’t get an opportunity to see one another as much as we’d like. Add to that my 21 year old son now lives in Los Angeles, it is always a joyous occasion when he comes to visit. We wanted to do something extra special to celebrate him coming home for a week and also get my grandmother out of the house and away from St. Louis for awhile. My Aunt organized a family caravan to Eckert’s Farm in Belleville, Illinois, about a forty five minute drive from the city, and we all met up there to eat lunch at their delicious family style restaurant.

We also did a little shopping in their store for some fresh fruit, produce, and goodies.

I’ve written about Eckert’s Farm before on My daughter and I go almost every Fall on a day trip to pick pumpkins and apples and eat in the restaurant. I love having a place that is nearby where we can bond as a family and get fresh fruit and veggies to cook with, and it is an awesome place to visit around the holiday season.

And as many times as me and my daughter have went to Eckert’s to spend our day, this is the first time that we have visited Eckert’s together as a family—and I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

Eckert’s Farm in Belleville is comprised of a store, a restaurant, a custard shop, and also gives you the opportunity to pick your own fruit. Depending on the season, you can go out on the farm and pick your own berries, peaches, apples, pumpkins, and more.

While we didn’t do any picking this go ’round, we did enjoy a great meal and raided the Eckert’s Country Store.

Here’s a few photos from our visit:

Inside Eckert’s Country Store

Eckert's Belleville

Eckert's Farm Store

Eckert's Belleville Store

Ozark Mountain Soda

Eckert’s Belleville Country Restaurant

Eckert's Restuatant

Eckerts with the Family

Fun at Eckert's Country Restaurant

Family Photo at Eckert's

For more information on Eckert’s in Belleville, visit their website.

I am so thankful for my family and I cherish these moments. They are the best! And I see more visits to Eckert’s Belleville in the future.

What are your family travel plans this summer?

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