Five Tech Items You Must Take With You When Traveling

Five Tech Items You Must Take With You When Traveling

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Tech

Five Tech Items You Must Take With You When Traveling
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As a gal always up in the air, I’ve assembled an arsenal of tech items and gadgets for convenience. I have a my “Girl Friday” (aka, my Hampton’s Women’s Tote) bag always packed with my essentials, so when it is time for me to leave for my destination, I am always prepared. There’s nothing like traveling and then finding out later that you don’t have what you need—so I’ve compiled a list of five tech items you must take with you when traveling. These are essential options that you will be glad you brought with you.


Previously, I always put a laptop on this essential list (and trust, I do bring with me my MacBook Air when I travel), but if you have a tablet, you don’t have to bring both with you. Your tablet can do most, if not everything you want to do online, and takes up less space and is lighter to carry. If you own a tablet, it’s a must to bring it with you.

Wifi Hotspot

Wifi costs can become costly when you travel. Most hotels and airports charge a daily fee per use and that can start adding up. I travel with a wifi hotspot to ensure that I am able to work online when I need to. And, I feel more comfortable working on my own private hotspot versus a public wifi option, since they may not be secure. Safety first!

Extended Battery Life Charger

When traveling, you probably are out and about and not in the hotel to constantly charge up your items. Traveling with an extended battery life charger (or 2, or 3) ensures you always have power when you need it.

Digital Camera

Smartphone camera pics are awesome, but sometimes, the zoom may make a photo look fuzzy and not as polished. You want to make sure if you are traveling on vacay that your pics look awesome. Utilizing a digital camera will give you some good quality photos. And if you have something like I have (the Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera) that works on 4G LTE and/or wifi, you can upload all of your fave pics to social networks and online right from the device.

Extension Cord

Hotels are notorious for not having outlets where they should. I always travel with an extension cord so I can plug up and charge wherever I need to—even if that means extending the original position of the outlet.

I didn’t mention smartphone, because chances are, you probably own one and will be taking it with you anyway. Keep in mind that if you are traveling abroad to make sure your carrier and your phone will work whilst you are over there. Most wireless companies will pro-rate you the international billing options (calls, texts, and 4G) for the amount of time you are away, so you won’t have to pay for service not used.

What are your must-travel with tech needs?

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