Restaurant Review: White Chocolate Grill

Restaurant Review: White Chocolate Grill

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Food

Restaurant Review: White Chocolate Grill
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A few weeks ago an old friend of mines invited me out to dinner. We wanted to try something new, so she suggested we stop by a restaurant called White Chocolate Grill. Since I’d never been I was happy to oblige. Before heading to the restaurant, I decided to check out the menu to see what they were all about.  “The White Chocolate Grill is a contemporary American restaurant. The White Chocolate Grill has a diverse menu of classic American fare; made from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients. A selection of house-made white chocolate and other desserts complement this offering and are proudly served in a unique team-service format assuring friendliness and efficiency.” The description alone had me sold. So we headed to Naperville to see what the food tasted like.

As soon as I arrived, I immediately loved the ambiance of the restaurant. White Chocolate Grill has such a chill vibe that, I instantly fell in love. I could sit there for hours talking and relaxing, so I wanted to know more about the design. Per the White Chocolate Grill website,  “The restaurant was designed with rich wood and real stone which creates an upscale, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired atmosphere. From the leather booth seating, soft lighting and spectacular bar, every element of the design evokes a classic yet sophisticated setting.” Everything about this restaurant was perfect whether you are having dinner with your girls or you significant other.

Now for the food, to start the night off I ordered some guacamole! I’ve been going through a guacamole addiction recently which is weird because it used to gross me out but now I’m obsessed with it. The guacomole was so amazing, that I ordered one to go!


By this time, I was ready to eat! There were so many good looking dishes that it was tough. I finally decided on the rotisserie chicken and rib meal with mashed potatoes! It was so good, I was licking my fork clean by the end the meal. I’m usually not a rib girl when I go to restaurants but I’m glad I decided to try something new.


After the amazing meal, my friend wanted dessert so we shared a white chocolate brownie. It was rich and decadent, the perfect ending to a great meal.


With locations in Naperville and Schaumburg, IL as well as locations in Arizona and Colorado, I will definitely be back. I love a good meal that won’t break the bank and that’s exactly what White Chocolate Grill has to offer.


  1. I have been wanting to try this place out! I will have to hit up the naperville location soon! everything you showed looked DELICIOUS!

  2. That white chocolate brownie is heaven on a plate!!!!!!

  3. One of my all time favorite restaurants. I cannot believe it’s not super expensive, as their food is amazing. That white chocolate brownie is a must-have! I am going there Saturday for my birthday, and you bet I’ll be getting one of those…all for myself!

  4. Chocolate-great idea! I actually srtated eating the cookies with a bite of leftover Christmas chocolate. Next time I would love drizzle chocolate on top or dunk them.

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