Share Travel Experiences With Others With

Share Travel Experiences With Others With

Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Tech, Travel

Share Travel Experiences With Others With
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Since I often travel for business, I often go it alone. And trust me, that isn’t very much fun. Travel is most enjoyable when you have someone to travel with. So on those occasions when I am traveling for personal reasons, I love bringing along a companion. I am sure others feel this way as well, and a website has been created to help people share their travel experiences with one another on a site called The site helps pair you with travel companions who are either traveling where you are, or located near your destination. This helps you have a rich and enjoyable excursion.

Per the TripTogether website:

TripTogether lets you talk travel online, hook-up with new friends from overseas, show visitors your favorite spots and share hot tips about places you’re interested in. It doesn’t matter where you’re from so long as you love travel.

Think of it as a social network for those who like to travel. On the site, you can share your travel stories and experiences, hookup with others who are traveling where you are or live in the area, plan trips together, and much more.

Here’s some additional information from their recent press release:, the site bringing travel partners together from across the world, has seen a boost in travel planning on the run up to the spring and summer months, confirming that warmer weather brings out the best in those hoping to meet overseas. Typically, the shoulder season of April and May is ideal for a shared vacation because it means lower travel prices and fewer tourists just as the weather is warming up. Even better, the summer months are the time when parties get in full swing, resorts are at their entertaining best and the most memorable holidays are experienced.

Social travel network TripTogether’s website and mobile apps are used to plan the perfect getaway by connecting travel planners with thousands across the globe willing to share the best information and advice on the ideal place to travel in these hot and heavenly months.

By planning a trip with the help of TripTogether’s great travel features, members can find out about these spring and summer locations and even more. It’s a highly rewarding to connect with avid travelers and locals worldwide using the Live Chat feature to make friends with members who have real experience in these locations. TripTogether is a great way to learn all the tips and tricks and even find a travel companion to share sunny adventures across the world.

Keep in mind that you should always consider your safety first while using a social network like TripTogether has a Travel Welfare Team that you can contact to help you in the need you feel your safety is at risk.

Lean more about TripTogether by visiting their official website here.

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