Tips For Traveling with the Elderly During the Holidays

Tips For Traveling with the Elderly During the Holidays

Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in Travel

Tips For Traveling with the Elderly During the Holidays
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It’s that time of year, where people pack up and travel to spend the holidays with their loved ones. We often see tips for people traveling with children and pets but what about tips for those of us who are traveling with elderly family members. I love my grandmother and when we travel, I already know that I have to make her as comfortable as possible or she will complain the entire way there. She doesn’t really like to fly, so we usually travel by car or train. Maybe you have a loved one that hates to fly or maybe you have a elderly family member who is a complainer.

Check out my tips for traveling with elderly family members this holiday season.

  • Pick the mode of travel that is the quickest and easiest whenever possible: Again, my grandmother hates planes so whenever possible I travel by other means. If traveling by plane is unavoidable, I suggest upgrading to business or first class to give them as much room and space as possible. Elderly people like to be comfortable, so this will cost you a few extra dollars but it work like a charm.
  • When flying, driving or taking the train bring blankets to keep them warm. Its often very cold on these modes of transportation so bring something to keep them warm.
  • Don’t forget to pack all of their medication and print out a schedule before you leave. I suggest setting a reminder on your phone to ensure that they take their medicine on time and don’t forget to bring the water.
  • It’s important to make sure that they have on comfortable loose fitting clothing, such as a jogging suit or dress and comfortable shoes. I also suggest bringing a pair of thick socks and perhaps a pair of well-cushioned house shoes.
  • Bathroom Breaks-Elderly people generally have to go to the bathroom more so make sure to stop every so often so they can handle their business. If you are on on a plane, perhaps let them have the aisle seat or sit closer to the bathroom if this makes it easier for them to go.
  • If your elderly relative is in to books, I suggest downloading a few of their favorite book or magazines to your kindle, iPad or tablet beforehand. Change the font to a bigger size if they have trouble reading small fonts. My grandmother loves to read her Bible when we go places. If that doesn’t work download a few of their favorite movies or shows, this along will keep them happy for a few hours. Also, try downloading their favorite games. My grandmother loves solitaire so I make sure she has it ready to play when she wants and don’t forget to bring them a pair of headphones.
  • Last but not least, bring their favorite type of food or snacks.

Again the name of the game is keeping them comfortable. Traveling with the elderly can be quite fun just make sure you are prepared and be ready to listen to stories from back in the day. Do you have any tips to add? How do you make sure your family members are comfortable while traveling?

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