What Are Your Travel Pet Peeves? Here’s My Top 4

What Are Your Travel Pet Peeves? Here’s My Top 4

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in Travel

What Are Your Travel Pet Peeves? Here’s My Top 4
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Traveling is a public sport these days. Whether you are sharing the road in a car, sitting on the aisle seat in the plane, trekking by train, or even sailing away on a cruise, you are sure to run into and be with—well other people. And although we all try our best to travel with P’s and Q’s in tact, there are some who don’t understand the rules and laws of travel. We’ve all come into contact with those people who have no consideration for others when they travel. So I’ve come up with a list of four of my top Travel Pet Peeves.

Check out my list and make sure to add yours to the comments section.

The loud phone talker

Smartphones rule the world these days as we rely heavily on them. But there are some that don’t keep consideration in mind as they chit chatter away loudly on their phones, disturbing others. During my last flight, I had a gentleman (and I use that term loosely) sitting in front of me cursing out his wife, girlfriend, or significant other. And he was doing it loudly, so everyone on the plane heard him, including the small children who were also onboard. When traveling, try to keep the phone calls to a minimum—you can text, email, etc. And if you do need to speak on the phone, don’t be ┬áloud and inconsiderate. The other people traveling with you will thank you.

The parent who can’t control their kid

As a mom who has been traveling with her kids for about 18 years now, I understand the plight of the traveling parent. But traveling is also a group experience, especially when you are air traveling, cruising, or taking the train or bus. Be mindful of others, and that includes the way your children behave. I’ve seen kids act a fool on flights, which can get old after awhile. Talk to your kids and make sure they know their travel etiquette, do’s and dont’s. If you are traveling with a small child or baby, have soothing techniques ready for extra fussiness.

The person who doesn’t understand personal space

Even in First Class, space while traveling is pretty much nil. We’ve got to respect people’s space. Once while waiting on a late flight, I was sitting at the gate and a man with about 10 bags sat next to me and began piling his bags on top of mine. Sir, where do they do that at? Invading someone’s personal space while traveling is a big no/no. Make sure you are not guilty of this.

The something for nothing traveler

We all know that one traveler that is always trying to get bumped off of the flight so they can get a free voucher. While there is nothing wrong with that, you can’t always get something for nothing. I once flew with a woman who, because the flight was 25 minutes late, wanted a full ticket for her “inconvenience”. And while I would’ve liked to have one too, I know that there is no guarantee when flying the friendly skies. This same woman also wanted free meal vouchers since she was going to miss her lunch date—of course, the gate agent denied her.

Traveling can be a trip (see what I did there?) when it comes to those who continue to irk us to no end while we are just trying to get to our destination. These travel pet peeves are just a short list of a long list of things people do when they travel that I don’t like. What’s on your list?

What Are Your Travel Pet Peeves Here's My Top 4


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